Videography and Aerial Footage

Property videos are a necessity of today. Listings with video see a 400% increase in inquiries. Visual Motivators - Aerial footage and video walk through of the house gives potential buyers the feeling of moving through the home and is far more descriptive of the space than still images can ever hope to be. A visual walk through inside and out will also guide each buyer through the emotional transition of buying a home, its believable and uses more of your natural senses, we naturally believe what we see and hear. Visual cues within a video can convince us of the appeal of a product or service. Realizing what their life will be like on a daily basis. If a picture says a 1000 words, a video says them all. 

3D & Custom Floor Plans

Opening ones mind to endless possibilities is a must in Real Estate advertising. With customer and or 3D floor plans the possibilities of your preferences inside a property are realized. Seeing where the couch is and where their will go is important of home buying process. Consumers attention span is becoming smaller and smaller in the digital world age. Conveying your message without losing interest is becoming a challenging task, humans retain 58% more information if there are shown how to do something.

Exclusive Network of Agents and Buyers

As a member for of metro group properties, 8 Re/Max locations and over 1100 agents our priority and duty is to our customers. We hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest industry standard of professionalism and competence. Our agents and group is industry leading from technology to training to support. Re/Max Crest Westside and Metro Group Properties  once again has been ranked the #1 group of offices in the country based on volume. With this vast network of agents, resourcefulness is crucial and beneficial for our client and supports buy and sell opportunities better than any other brokerage. 

Custom Feature Sheets

You have curated every detail inside your home, as much detail needs to be considered in your marketing plan. Industry leading feature sheets with smooth, suede like finish will display your home to leave a lasting impression when a buyer’s decision will be made.

Up to Date Market Reports

The real estate market is dynamic, rapid and forever evolving. As industry professionals it is our responsibility to stay current on market segments. Curtis’s customized market reports identifies current trends in individual neighbourhood’s giving all buyers value added and the confidence to make an informed decision. 

Open House Schedule and Community Mail-Outs

Feature sheets along with custom mail-outs will be delivered to all neighbouring properties and units in order to gain maximum exposure to those who are interested most! Open house availability is strategic to gain maximum exposure to your market and all interested buyers. 

Professional Grade Photography by Creative Industry Experts

One photo can either gain a buyer or lose a buyer. All photos must  be carefully captured and displayed in order to illustrate the very best details of your property. Using the latest technology including shadow boxes, twilight photography, layering the end product is an experience that stand out amongst the crowd, gaining the attention you deserve.